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Hand Knit Sweater – How To Select It As Per Your Physicality?

Posted by Admin on July, 07, 2021

How many times have you spent money and hours of your time knitting a sweater that made you uncomfortable? Or a horse's hind end? The trouble wasn't our knitting, but selecting a style unflattering for our shapes. To get rid of these troubles you can order a hand-knit sweater supplier in Nepal as per your physicality. Here is advice for how to dress for your body type so your next hand-knit sweater makes you look like a dream.

Tips to choose the right type of Hand Knit Sweater for you

If your upper body is heavy

You're larger on top at shoulders and/or bust than at your hips, so what type of sweater looks great? One with upright elements minimizes the top, plus horizontal foundations at the bottom bring balance. A sweater with a V-neck, scoop neck, vertical lines or particulars reduces your top visually. Ahem, element, pattern or different colour at your hipline brings steadiness. End sleeves anyplace from elbow to wrist.

If you’re Bottom Heavy

You're larger at hips or thighs than up top, so what brings more visual stability to your body? An extensive neckline, yoked sweater or straight detail at your upper body makes you look wider there. Look for vertical features at the hem, which should end either above or below where you're broadest. Sleeves should end anyplace excluding where you're widest. Wear your cardigan unbuttoned completely or open only at the bottom for a vertical section.

If you’re balanced

Your top and bottom match so keep them stable. If you create a yoked sweater, add design at the hem as well. Three-quarter sleeves can draw helpful to your waist, whether you have one or not. Vertical features like cables top to bottom with neckline and hem particulars can look great.

Points to be considered before buying it

Shoulder Your Way In

That's right. You need your shoulders to fit. If a sweater is too extensive through the shoulders, you'll look and sense like you're swimming in your dad's sweater. If it's too thin, it will look like you stole a sweater from a child. While you may like this fit at some times, neither is your best fit. Neither feels just right.

How to Measure Up?

Make sure you get the size of your knitting from neck to arms right. When you measuring yourself, sense for the outer-most bone of your shoulder. You need your sleeve seam right where your bone turns downward near your arm. If you're well-padded or muscular, looking for the bone may be a challenge, but you want the spot where "crosswise" your shoulder turns into "down" your arm.

How to make it fit?

If you weave a sweater in pieces, this essential number of stitches lies from neckline to shoulder. Make your front and back shoulder bind-offs match in dimension for easier joining when you sew them collected. If your back shoulder turns out a bit broader than the front, the surplus can be eased to fit when you seam and still fit you well.

Qualities of a good hand-knit sweater exporters

  • Using premium quality wool
  • Sweater must be made by the skilled person
  • Good packaging
  • Timely delivery

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