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We are one of the legitimate and lawful suppliers in Nepal and have made a name in selling genuine fabric in and outside Nepal. We are prominent selling various products such as designer garments, handcraft accessories in Nepal, and many more products. Our enterprise Ashthamangal gift N craft is a prominent enterprise in Kathmandu that provides designer garments suppliers in Nepal to our customers. Our enterprise offers a variety of designer jewelry such as silver necklaces, bracelets, pendants, Tibetan rings, Cashmere Blankets, and other products to the customers. Our enterprise provides products such as metal jewelry boxes in various colors with good quality, and also with a unique design. Our enterprise provides handmade metal boxes are antique and also available in various shapes and sizes. We provide safe packing and one of the leading cashmere products suppliers in Nepal.

We accept payments in various forms such as Western Union, Moneygram, LC, TT, and other payment terms. Our products which are of metal made have an easy lock system and can be used for storing jewelry. We have made us a renowned name in handcraft accessories in Nepal and our products are reliable and genuine and longlasting. Our garments are available in various shapes and sizes and are also comfortable to wear.

Designer Jewellery

Established in the year 2006, Asthamangal Gift N craft offers fashionable and designer jewelry collection to our valuable customers. We have a variety of jewelry range namely bracelets, silver necklaces, pendants, Tibetan rings, Cuff bracelets, earrings, etc. We also avail customized and trending jewelry pieces for all occasions such as bridal, fine jewelry, classic pieces, wedding bands, etc. Based in Kathmandu and spearheaded by Ms. Ramila Shakya our company has been able to provide an exceptional shopping experience to our clients every time. We are also a prime metal jewelry supplier of the city and are known for our exceptional customer care services.

Quality Assurance

Our company is a renowned name for its quality product and customer-friendly prices. We make sure to constantly evolve our product line with the upcoming market trends and fashion looks to cater to our client’s individual needs. We are also appreciated for reimaging old classic jewelry pieces and trusted favorite pieces amongst customers. With more than a decade of




  • Mens Cotton Jacket

    Material : 100% Cotton

    Style : Jacket, Hoody Jacket

    Product Type : Winter Jacket

    Color : Black, Brown, Dark Red, Grey, etc.

    Season : Winter

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    Mens Cotton Jacket

  • Ladies Rainbow Cotton Jacket

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXL

    Material : Cotton, Pure Cotton

    Color : Multicolours, Rainbow Stripes, etc.

    Gender : Female

    Season : Autumn, Spring, Summer

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    Ladies Rainbow Cotton Jacket

  • Mens Wool Hooded Jacket

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXL

    Material : 100% Wool

    Product Type : Mens Hooded Jackets

    Color : Any Colors Can Make

    Season : Winter

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    Mens Wool Hooded Jacket


Well established in 2006 Ashthamangal gift N craft is a prominent enterprise in Kathmandu that provides sweaters to our customers. Our enterprise offers a variety of winter accessories in Nepal such as a hand-knitted sweater, ladies' cashmere sweater, double knitted sweater, etc. and many more products. Our products are genuine products, which are durable and water-resistant. Our products are wrinkle-free and also skin sensitivities. Our enterprise provides extreme quality products to our esteemed customers. We are one of the magnificent Hand Knit woolen accessories supplier offering products to our valued customers at budgeted rates. We provide rightful sweaters within the stipulated time and also within their budget. We are providing a sweater in various colors and sizes and also various ranges to our customers.

  • Woolen Cardigan Sweater

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL

    Style : Zipper

    Color : Pink, White, Red, etc.

    Season : Winter

    Feature : Anti-Wrinkle, Comfortable, Dry Cleaning

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    Woolen Cardigan Sweater

  • Hand Knitted Sweater

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXl

    Type : Designer

    Material : Wool

    Color : All color available

    Season : Winter

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    Hand Knitted Sweater

  • Ladies Cashmere Sweater

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL

    Type : Winter Sweaters

    Material : 100% Cashmere

    Style : Non Zipper, Zipper

    Product Type : Designer Sweater, Fancy Sweater, Exclusive Winter Fashion Woolen Wear

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    Ladies Cashmere Sweater

  • Double Knitted Sweaters

    Sleeve Type : Long Sleeves

    Quality : 100% New Zealand Wool

    Size : Small, Medium,Large, Xl & Xxl

    Color : Off White

    Occasion : Formal, Winter Wear

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    Double Knitted Sweaters

  • Hand Knit Jacquard Pullover Sweater

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XX:L, XXXL, Xl & XXl

    Type : Knit Sweater

    Material : Woolen

    Style : V Neck And Round Neck, O Neck

    Type : Knit Sweater, Knitted Sweaters

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    Hand Knit Jacquard Pullover Sweater

Cushion Covers

  • Mandala Cushion Cover

    Type : Cushion Covers, Designer Cushion Covers, Fancy Cushion Covers

    Material : Cotton

    Shape : Round, Square

    Use : Bed, Chairs, Sofa

    Style : Dobby, Jacquard

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    Mandala Cushion Cover

  • Cotton Cushion Cover

    Size : 50cm X 30cm

    Type : Designer Cushion Covers, Embroidered Cushion Covers

    Material : Cotton

    Shape : Square

    Use : Sofa

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    Cotton Cushion Cover



  • Cotton Passport Bag

    Size : 6 X 8 Inches

    Material : 100% Hemp & Stone Wash Cotton

    Use : Best Use During Travel

    Style : Shoulder Bag

    Colour : Many Color Available

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    Cotton Passport Bag

  • Tie-dye Cotton Bag

    Type : Shoulder Bag

    Brand Name : Asthamangal Handicraft

    Material : Cotton With Leather Mix

    Use : Travel, Shopping

    Style : Shoulder Bag

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    Tie-dye Cotton Bag

  • Ladies Side Bag

    Size : 5.5 X 8 Inches

    Material : Cotton & Leather

    Use : Casual Use

    Color : Multicolor

    Feature : Easy To Carry, Fine Finish

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    Ladies Side Bag


Jewellery Boxes

  • Metal Jewellery Box

    Size : 3 X 5 Inches

    Type : Handmade Jewelry Boxes

    Material : Metal, White Metal

    Shape : Rectangular, Round, Square

    Use : Storing Jewellery

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    Metal Jewellery Box

  • Silver Jewellery Box

    Size : 4 X 4 X 2 Inches

    Type : Decorative Silver Jewelry Box, Fancy Silver Jewelry Box, Silver Jewelry Box

    Material : 92.5 Sterling Silver

    Shape : Rectangular, Round, Square, Heart

    Use : Jewelry Storing

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    Silver Jewellery Box

  • Black Onyx Silver Pendants

    Type : Onyx Pendant

    Material : Silver

    Color : Black

    Gender : Male, Unisex, Women

    Appearance : Common

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    Black Onyx Silver Pendants


Wall Hangings

Ashthamangal gift N craft is a Kathmandu based enterprise is a one-stop solution for all kinds of gift using the latest trends in the market to our customers. Our enterprise offers a variety of apparel, jewelry, wall hangings, and many more gifts. Our experienced and skilled professionals have years of experience in the field of apparel and gifts such as wall hangings, statues, and also in the destined time-frame. Our enterprise provides hassle-free and high-quality services. We are one of the leading Religious wall Hanging suppliers offering products to our valued customers at competitive rates. We provide excellent products and gifts that are customized as per the customer's needs. We also deliver the various products through our distribution channel within the stipulated time.

Felt Products

Ashthamangal gift N craft is a leading and well renowned Kathmandu based enterprise that provides felt products to our customers. Our enterprise offers a variety of felt products such as a felt keychain, felt wool shoes, felt ball mat, felt coin purse, etc and many more products. Our products are authentic products and also washable and also keeps warm in winter and keeps cool in summer. Our products provide outstanding benefits from moisture and heat. Our enterprise provides hassle-free and high-quality services to our esteemed customers. We are one of the prominent Handmade Felt wool product exporters offering products to our valued customers at competitive rates. We provide excellent felt products within the stipulated time and also within their budget.

  • Felt keychain

    Type : Promotional Key Rings

    Material : Felted

    Shape : Multishape

    Feature : Attractive Design, Durable, Fine Finished, Good Quality

    Condition : New

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    Felt keychain

  • Felt Wool Shoes

    Material : Wool, Felt

    Color : Black, Blue, Creamy, Grey, White, etc.

    Feature : Easy O Wash, Perfect Finish, Soft Texture

    Size : 10 cm to 42 cm

    Width : 54 Inches

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    Felt Wool Shoes

  • Felt Ball Floor Mat

    Size : 24x18inch, 25x19inch, 26x20inch, 27x21inch

    Type : Handmade Mats

    Material : 100% Wool

    Shape : Rectangular, Round, Square

    Use : Home Decoration

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    Felt Ball Floor Mat

  • Felt Coin Purse

    Size : 3 x 4 inches to 3 x 5 inches

    Type : Coin Purses

    Brand Name : Asthamangal Handicraft

    Material : Felted Wool

    Shape : Oval, Rectangular, Square

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    Felt Coin Purse

Tibetan Musical Instruments

  • Tibetan Damaru

    Application : Events

    Warranty : 1yrs

    Material : Wood

    Size : 19 inches dimension

    Weight : 10-20kg

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    Tibetan Damaru

  • Tibetan Ritual Drum

    Size : 9 Inches Ro 19 Inches Dimension

    Type : String Musical Instrument

    Material : Leather

    Application : Events

    Brand Name : Asthamangal Gift & Craft

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    Tibetan Ritual Drum

Resin Statue

Other Products

  • 3 in One Prayer Wheels

    Size : 5-10inch

    Type : Tibetan Prayer Wheel

    Material : Brass, Copper, Wood & Stone

    Application : Decoration, Gift, Religious

    Style : Home Decoraiton, Wall Hanging & Hand Prayer Wheels

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    3 in One Prayer Wheels

  • Gemstone Chakra Healing Bracelet

    Color : Multi Color

    Finishing : Polished

    Material : Genuine Stone Beads

    Size : 8 Mm & 10 Mm Size Beads

    User : Men & Women

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    Gemstone Chakra Healing Bracelet

  • Buddha Books

    Width : 5 Inches Width & 14 Inches Wide

    Hand Written : Tibetan

    GSM : 70-100 Gsm

    Type : Religious

    Material Use : Lokta Paper

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    Buddha Books

  • Woolen Gloves

    Size : L, M, S

    Type : Fancy Woolen Hand Gloves

    Material : 100% Wool +Acrylic Fleece

    Use : Winter

    Length : 15-20 Inches

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    Woolen Gloves

  • Religious Shankh

    Size : 10x10x5cm, 23x10x10cm, 3.5x4.5x4.5cm, 30x19x10cm

    Type : Religious

    Material : Natural Shell

    Features : Attractive Designs, Fine Finishing, Heat Resistance, Shiny Look

    Brand Name : Asthamangal Handicraft

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    Religious Shankh

  • Ladies Tank Tops

    Size : L, M, S, XL, XXL, XXXL

    Type : Fancy Ladies Tank Top, Ladies Tank Top

    Material : Cotton

    Color : Multicolors

    Season : Summer

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    Ladies Tank Tops

  • Cashmere Bathrobe

    Type : Bathrobes

    Material : 70% Cashmere & 30% Silk

    Gender : Unisex

    Season : Winter

    Feature : Anti Wrinkle, Use For 0 Degree Tempature

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    Cashmere Bathrobe

  • Traditional Tibetan Teapot

    Type : Teapot

    Material : BRASS, Metal

    Shape : Round

    Use : Gift & Decoration

    Color : Blue, Creamy, Green

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    Traditional Tibetan Teapot

  • Buddha Chorten Stupa

    Material : Resin

    Color : Paint Different Colors

    Finishing : Painted

    Packaging : Carton Box

    Height : 5 Inches

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    Buddha Chorten Stupa

  • Tibetan Incense Sticks

    Material : Fragrance, Aroma

    Use : Home, Pooja, Religious

    Length : 27cm

    Weight : 90 grams

    Form : Stick

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    Tibetan Incense Sticks

  • Ladies Cashmere Socks

    Size : L, M, S

    Material : Cashmere

    Color : Multicolors

    Technics : Machine Made

    Pattern : Cable Knit

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    Ladies Cashmere Socks

  • Organic Nettle Fabric

    Material : 100% Hemp & Nettle Fabric

    Use : Home Textile & Other Accessories

    Feature : Hand Spin Yarn

    Technics : Hand Loom Weaving

    Pattern : Herringbone And Stripes

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    Organic Nettle Fabric

  • Organic Nettle Yarn

    Type : Basket

    Material : Organic Hemp & Nettle

    Use : Knitting, Sewing, Weaving.

    Style : Melange Yarn

    Color : Black, Blue, Green, etc.

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    Organic Nettle Yarn

  • Cotton Mandala Tablecloth

    Size : Multisizes

    Type : Designer Table Cloths, Table Cloths

    Material : Cotton

    Application : Home, Hotel, Restaurant

    Color : Multicolor

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    Cotton Mandala Tablecloth

  • Rudraksha Beads Mala

    Size : 10mm

    Application : Religious

    Color : Brown, Dark Brown

    Variety : 1-5Mukhi, 5-10Mukhi

    No. of Beads : 109

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    Rudraksha Beads Mala

  • Heavy Cotton Backpack

    Size : 14x12inch, 16x14inch, 18x14inch

    Type : Backpacks, Designer Backpacks, Fancy Backpacks

    Brand Name : Non branded

    Material : Cotton, 100% Cotton

    Use : College, Office

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    Heavy Cotton Backpack

  • Mens Tie Dye T-shirt

    Size : XL, L, M, S, XXL

    Material : Cotton

    Feature : Anti-Shrink, Anti-Wrinkle, Casual Wear, Quick Dry

    Pattern : Tie Dye

    Sleeve Style : Half Sleeve

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    Mens Tie Dye T-shirt

  • Mens Cotton Short Kurta

    Size : L, M, S, XL

    Type : Cotton Short Kurta

    Material : Pure Cotton

    Color : Blue, Green, Orange, Maroon, etc.

    Technics : Handloom, Handmade

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    Mens Cotton Short Kurta

  • Vajrapani Thangka Painting

    Type : Painted Wall Hangings, Handmade Wall Hangings

    Brand Name : Asthamangal Handicraft

    Material : Wooden

    Style : Antique, Handmade

    Frame : Glass

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    Vajrapani Thangka Painting

  • Tibetan Hand Prayer Wheels

    Size : 15-20inch

    Type : Tibetan Prayer Wheel, Religious

    Material : Brass, Copper

    Use : Decoration, Gift, Religious

    Style : Home Decoraiton

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    Tibetan Hand Prayer Wheels

  • Traditional Incense Stick Holder

    Size : 10x8inch, 4x6inch, 5x8inch, 12 To 14 Inches Height

    Type : Metal Incense Holder, Tube

    Material : Metal, Copper & Stone Setting

    Shape : Rectengular, Square, Long Tube

    Use : Incense Holder

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    Traditional Incense Stick Holder

  • Crochet Knit  Caps

    Size : 15-20cm, 20-25cm

    Material : Woollen

    Style : Classy

    Color : Black, Brown, Green, Multicolor, Orange, Red, Yellow

    Gender : Female

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    Crochet Knit Caps

  • Auspicious Embroidered  Door Curtain

    Type : Door Curtain

    Material : Cotton

    Shape : Rectangular

    Use : Decoration

    Style : Traditional

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    Auspicious Embroidered Door Curtain

  • Hand Knitted Woolen Hand Warmers

    Size : L, M, S

    Type : Hand Knit Glove

    Material : wool

    Color : Multicolor

    Features : Cold Resistant

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    Hand Knitted Woolen Hand Warmers

  • Desktop Pen Holder

    Type : Moonstone Jewelry

    Material : Stones

    Thickness : 10-15mm

    Application : Desktop

    Color : Black, Yellow

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    Desktop Pen Holder

  • Silk Jewellery Pouch

    Size : 3 X 5 Inches

    Type : Fancy

    Material : Silk

    Style : Modern

    Application : Jewellery Storage

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    Silk Jewellery Pouch

  • Velvet Pouch for Jewelry

    Size : 3x5 Inches

    Type : Velvet Pouch

    Material : Velvet

    Use : Office Use, Party Use

    Style : Classic, Modern

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    Velvet Pouch for Jewelry

  • Tibetan Gift Boxes

    Size : Standard

    Type : Tibetan

    Material : Pile Wood

    Shape : Rectangular, Round, Square

    Style : Antique

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    Tibetan Gift Boxes

  • Mens Hemp Shirt

    Size : S, M, L, XL

    Type : Fancy

    Material : Cotton, Linen

    Color : Available in many colors

    Technics : Woven

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    Mens Hemp Shirt

  • Cashmere Products

    Type : Cashmere Fabric

    Seasons : Winter

    Features : Anti-Wrinkle, Dry Cleaning, Easily Washable

    Material : 100% Wool

    Use : Home, Hotel, Tavelling, Winter Use

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    Cashmere Products

  • Designer Garments

    Designer Garments