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Tibetan Pendants

Tribal and Traditional inspired jewellery collection of  Nickle free German silver Pendants with multi color stone setting. designed on Traditionally. attractive and unique  drop pendants. Handmade in Nepal

Mostly pendants are 1.5 x 2 inches as physical measurement. Different shape and design. Use these pendants with silver

Price : USD 55.00

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100% silver made, Tibetan Ghau (Box) pendant, 8 corners star shape box with semi-precious turquorise beads on 4 corner and coral Kalash (Lucky Vase) set on middle of pendant. Om Mani Pame Hum Mantra enclosed inside box as protection from every evil eyes to users.

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Differewnt shape and size of  Buddha pendants with decorated by coral and turquorise stones. 2 x .5 inches size of box pendants with different auspicious signs setting on front. First pendant with buddha inside with net carved box. Each ghau Pendants inclosed 108 times buddhist Mantra-Om Mni PMy Hum" on paper roll

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Hand made Tibetan Pendants, made of white metal with copper and brass mix. As decoraiton multi color stone setting alongwith Buddhist auspicious Mantras and sigsn set on top.

Uniqueness in design, available round, flower designs etc. Due to Auspicious signs and Mantras on pendants, believe is that user protected from evil mind and

Price : USD 38.00

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